• Martin F Garcia- Functionality of USSSA in helping the youth

    The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) provides support and programs for young athletes to showcase their talents and become positive members in their communities say Martin F Garcia. By their programs, kids and teens learn the fundamental traits of outstanding community members and becoming expertise in athletic. Their program also provides opportunities to help the youth to connect with potential sponsors of their game. Through this program, Kids and teens across the country have participated in several USSSA sports events like baseball and softball. They teach the youth to do extremely well in sports and develop an ability to trust in the adults and authority figures in their lives. Martin F Garcia further says that the USSSA basically offers a multi-faceted program that consists of more than one goal, but their overall mission is to help the individuals in their growth and help them in becoming an outstanding community member.


    Martin F. Garcia has served the USSSA as a coach, manager and a mentor. As a leader, he demonstrates and teaches mutual respect among his team and uses his own expertise as a softball champion to improve their athletic ability. As a true athlete, he is able to impart athletic skill among the youth as well as inculcate the habits of commitment and respect among them so that they can use it in their adult live. Martin F Garcia further says that the real reason he is here is to see their kids grow and encompass them with a little fun playing sports and if they become a better athlete and got an ability to treat strangers more kindly than he had done his job.

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